My name is Angelina Helioti and I recently graduated from the architecture school of NTUA.

After months of thinking, I took the risk of leaving life in Athens. The reason, the very quality of life of the metropolis. The fast pace, the pressure to “meet the deadlines”, the crowd of people and the lack of natural environment were things that led me to change.


I moved to a small, mountainous village in Arcadia, Stemnitsa. Although I grew up in Laconia, Arcadia is my place of origin and so in a sense, I feel like I have come home. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here, but whatever it ends up being, I’ll try to enjoy it to the fullest.

Here I am enjoying everything I have been craving! Trees, rivers, lakes, quiet, everyday life at a slow pace.

I have a simple lifestyle, but it gives me inspiration for my artistic pursuits, photography, painting, and video making. At the same time, I am studying the art of silversmithing in a public school located here. In this blog you will find journal articles about my life here.

I hope you enjoy everything I’m about to share with you.


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Melancholy and love

Good morning everyone out there!

As if the heatwaves and numerous fires that engulfed the country were not enough, these days rains and floods have caused incalculable damage in various locations. It’s as if some dark karma is being paid off… But despite the hardships the country is going through, I’m trying to be optimistic. I hope we all come out together stronger and wiser soon. Joy, love and above all trust I prefer nestling in my heart especially now, but also every moment.

In Mainalo, September made its powerful entrance with mild but continuous rains and fogs. And I dare say that a Christmas mood has begun to awaken in me. Outside the window of my new house I see the mountain and a part of Vytina, bathed in this cinematic blue light. The temperature some nights approached 10°C and I saw a chimney in the neighborhood smoking. I might turn on the fireplace soon if the temperatures continue to be this cold, though I doubt it. On the days I don’t work, I clean the house as much as I can and read books in my new chair, near the window.

There is still a lot of work to be done at home. A few exterior walls have just been plastered and the shutters have yet to be installed. But slowly everything will happen. At the moment what I’m thinking about is the trip I’m going to make to an Aegean island in two days! Yes, the moment for my little vacation has arrived! It is a fact that this summer I did not manage to take a single dip in sea water, but now I will have the opportunity. I will tell you about this in the next post.

At this time I confess that I am probably a little anxious about how things will develop regarding the artistic projects I want to implement. A lot has fallen together and I keep reminding myself not to rush, that everything will come in time, to have patience and perseverance. I’m in this new beginning and things seem to take their time to get a flow… But I feel it coming.

Yesterday I took the car and drove through the forest. Being in contact with nature alone in silence is something that I had been offering myself for a long time… At first I didn’t feel like it, I wanted to postpone it and as usual I had filled the list of things to be done during the day and said that I don’t catching up… I was making excuses by lying to myself that I have to run off to deal with everything else but me. But in a moment I just closed everything, got dressed, took the camera and went out into the streets. There is always a way and a time here and there to stop and turn within myself…

For a time it will have those gloomy September twilights, with the characteristic echo of summer. It’s like all creatures are falling in love under a veil of mystery and I want to participate in it as much as possible, before winter arrives and everything falls into a deep sleep… August flew by and I didn’t make a single foray into nature. But I will try not to let the same thing happen in the autumn months. 


I just wanted to say hello and give you a taste of how the days are going here. I have taken a lot of footage to prepare a vlog where I will explain more. But it’s a lot of work and I don’t know when it will be ready, hopefully in October.


Until the next post I send you a warm hug!

A new phase of life

Hello my dear readers and welcome to another article on this blog


It’s been a long time since the last post, but believe me, there was a reason. It’s a period of time where everything I knew seems to change. It is that moment that comes in the lives of all of us, when things have to get into a groove, or at least into a different one than they have been flowing until now. As mentioned in the last article, very recently I started working at the five-star MANNA hotel, which served me for a period when I didn’ t have a means of transport, hosting me in one of its rooms. The room had a view of the lake with water lilies, lotuses and the starry sky.

It was a challenge to live and work in the same space, with positive and negative aspects, but in the end everything went well and now I am typing from the kitchen table of my house in Stemnitsa. Since I am referring to the topic of home, let me tell you that this chapter is also changing very soon.

In the fall I’m moving to my new house, in Vytina! In terms of location, it’s a dream come true. For a long time I imagined living in the heart of Mainalos, below Ostrakina (its highest peak) and surrounded by the fir-filled slopes of Mt. The house provides many comforts compared to the one I lived in the last two years, such as a fireplace, an oven and a separate bedroom from the common area.


I feel like I’m entering another realm of life and reality. A wave of obligations, hard work but also reward and goal realization keeps coming and to be honest with you I don’t see where this roller coaster ride ends. At first I had my reservations about this move due to the fact that Vytina clearly has more inhabitants and less strong traditional character that Stemnitsa has. But the more I visit my new home, the more images come to me of the comfortable, inspiring moments I will spend inside it in the future. There is some work going on in the house at the moment so I can only give you a small taste of it.

One of the strongest moments of the month was the full moon, on August 1st! I had a day off and so I had the opportunity to go out to a high point in Stemnitsa to enjoy and photograph the sight. I also expect the blue full moon on the 31st of the month. In general, the whole of August is full of mobility, shopping for the new house, the car that it’s time to get, but also meeting interesting people mainly through work!

I see the once bright green of the trees starting to fade, very slowly and subtly, the ferns are shrinking, the landscape is slowly taking on yellow tones… We have already passed the season of high heat and the first rains have made their appearance their. Driving home yesterday, it was the first time I could smell autumn!!! September is not far and I see that it will bring with it great changes and new things.

As some of you might imagine, jewelry making has stagnated a bit. Several orders I had during the summer were frozen, due to obligations and lack of time. But in the fall, I will be with you again with priority on the orders I had already received, but ready to take on new ones as well.

Until the next post I wish you a good rest of August!

Open horizons

Since the beginning of July I have started working in a five-star hotel, which is located in the fir forest, near Valtesiniko. It is an unprecedented experience, to work with so many and different people, in the heart of the forest in a historic building that used to function as a sanatorium. But I like to try things that take me out of my comfort zone and help me push my limits.

The hotel is about 25 km from Stemnitsa, so it is several minutes’ drive. It is beautiful to drive early in the morning and meet the mists dancing between the tree branches. Within two days I saw two hares, a baby fox and a badger. Driving in the mountain is like entering a magical garden where you never know what you will encounter. Whatever it is, you won’t be bored.

On the way back, after work and all the tiredness of the day, instead of traffic and fumes I have this incredible view of the slopes of Mainalo that compensates me. Even in demanding moments of pressure, a glance around is enough to realize that I am in a place that is a source of life and that gives me inspiration every day. The nature here offers me instant relief, just take a few minutes alone, a few deep breaths and it heals me.

Summer fog is a fascinating phenomenon. Since fog is an integral part of winter here, it is very strange to encounter morning dew in summer and be able to walk through it without freezing from the cold. Something occult is hidden in her, as if she brings with her something from another world…

The green is more intense than ever, the ferns cover every corner of the forest and the rays of the sun find their way through the branches of the trees. Summer is a completely different experience from winter, which one deserves to experience in mountainous places like Mainalo.

Otherwise, I have more and more various small projects in the works. For example, in the last few days I helped Ilias in the photography of some of his jewelry. I still have a way to go in editing the images, but I’ll have them done soon.

I just wanted to give you some insight into how July is going here. Although I have quite a lot of them together, I try to put them in order and of course now I can say that summer is one of the most active periods of the year, even though many have combined it with holidays.

Fortunately, I always have the choice to look at the open horizons and instead of obstacles and difficulties, I see opportunities and invitations.

Summer breeze

A walk in the fir forest near Stemnitsa and I get in touch with everything that matters. I like to walk barefoot although it takes a little care for any insects and thorns. Maybe that’s why I like it, because I’m kind of “forced” to walk slowly and feel 100% that it’s touching my feet and the moisture of the ground. Α sense that we don’t have the opportunity to experience in everyday life, because of shoes.

At the point where my good friend Ilias and I stood, the flowers, spikes and grasses were in full growth. I took out the camera and methodically but without losing the enjoyment of the silence, I started to take pictures and videos. Suddenly one of my favorite butterflies came to my place, the small ones with blue wings that I had met in Piana (a small village here in Mainalo). In particular he sat on my camera strap and wouldn’t go away. We hung out and I noticed her. It had fluff! I told Ilias to take a photo of it because he has a macro lens and then through the images I could see many beautiful details in this little creature.

If you view the images from a computer (where they appear large) or even from a mobile phone with a large screen, then you might notice it too. The butterfly’s wings are golden in the light, iridescent to be exact! Such beauty and grace. She also has a great face. Big eyes that I think are looking at me and something like a small mouth that I think is smiling at me hahaha. And this soft fluff in soft blue and silver that also sparkles in the light.

Within minutes more butterflies came. They were so friendly and reminded me of what we call “butterfly” in social relationships. They flew gracefully around me and enjoying each other’s company. Until they finally sat on my hand! Three at once!

Look at this photo. The butterfly with these little legs looks like a real fairy as we know them from fairy tales!

It was a simple afternoon where we each enjoyed our book on the lawn. Ilias found a fox skull, with several teeth missing. Maybe I’ll paint it and turn it into some art or use the teeth in some jewelry hahaha. Is anybody interested;

Sunsets of July

I wish a happy July and week to everyone reading this post!

I hope you had a great weekend, during which we officially entered the heart of summer, July.

On Saturday we took Ilias’ car in order to catch the sunset overlooking the slopes of Mainalo. Due to some obligations of my own, we were late to leave… We only knew roughly where we wanted to go, so the anxiety to catch the sunset added an exploratory character to the excursion about where was the best place to park and take photos. During the winter I had noticed that there is an amazing view of the sunset over Vytina, a large nearby village, which most of you probably know. More specifically, we had to go up the road to the Ski Center and look for a plateau there for parking.

As I drove the sun disappeared behind the mountain and it looked like all hope of catching up was gone, but I had a feeling that we might just make it given the altitude we would be climbing. Finally as we entered the road to the Ski Resort, the crimson sun made its appearance through the car mirrors. We quickly found a spot and just as quickly decided where to set up the tripod. We were really playing with the seconds. You will have noticed how quickly the sun disappears on the horizon when one wants to watch a sunset…

It was like a painting. The ridges resembled the waves of a deep sea, but in the colors of fire. Just after sunset, something between light blue and pink spread across the canvas and everything was transformed. Below you see some self-portrait attempts, which I can’t say are completely successful, however I have the memory…

Then it was the turn of the other star of the show, the moon. As if in a movie scene, we stopped the car on the road, at a lower altitude. We were drinking hot filter coffee from the bottle and eating peaches while enjoying the summer feeling in the air… Today is a full moon, so the moon we saw the day before yesterday was almost full.

The energy of the moon is different from that of the sun. The sun gives life, but she has something mysterious. And of course it affects the water element on Earth due to gravity. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that it affects the various liquids we have in our body in large quantities in a similar way. Everything is connected somehow, I don’t know if it could be any other way. What do you think?

After staying until it was completely dark and the lights of Vytina came on, we made our way back. Just like that another summer afternoon passed here on the mountain.

Thank you for being here. Until the next post take care and keep smiling.

A new beginning is ahead!

Hello my dear readers!

The courses at the School of Silversmithing are over and a circle is almost closed for good, if we exclude the internship required to get our degree. In this article I will share with you some highlights from the last two weeks that the school was open.


On June 9, we had the last drawing lesson with Fotis Kolokythas. We decided to do something we’ve been talking about since the first year, to hold the course in Lousios River. There we discussed jewelry, design and art in general. Beyond that, however, some of us dived for the first time in the icy waters of the river. Be careful if you are not used to it, because the very low temperature of the water can take your breath away. Otherwise it’s a very refreshing experience and even though the water was cold, as soon as I got out of it I felt more awake than before and warm all over my body. After the dive I tried for the first time the sklackline that Fotis had brought with him, and he told me that I did great for a beginner. I enjoyed trying to balance on the rope with the water splashing on the rocks for background sound.

On the 11th of the month after the celebration of the First Peloponnesian Senate in the square of Stemnitsa, with Athena and Ilias we took the car and took a huge drive passing six villages of Mainalo. We were transported from one side of the mountain to the other and thus encountered different weather conditions. The music was blasting through the speakers, we stopped at a few cafes, we looked at beautiful views and ran towards the rainbow.

I will never forget those spring car rides and the company of my two good friends. They are priceless!

On the 23rd of the month we gave the last two lessons of the exams. That same evening, the seniors of the school had a small party in the courtyard. It had drinks, snacks, dancing and… a lot of emotion! We said goodbye to each other and took some photos. I am grateful for this year, the moments we spent together and what we learned about ourselves. I wish everyone good luck and see you again, here in Stemnitsa or anywhere else!

The very next day most of them left for good, including my beloved Athena… We exchanged some gifts and thanked each other for everything we spent together here in the small mountain village. Over the next few days, most of the others left as well. A few stayed permanently in Stemnitsa. Among them me…

New things have started happening in my life, which I will share with you in future posts… And as one circle closes and another opens, when I returned home after three days away due to elections, the place near the fridge smelled awful. Something was wrong and I felt the energy in my house unbearable. Ilias helped me identify the problem and it was some stagnant water that had been collecting in the refrigerator for a long time in a special saucer, so that it wouldn’t stay in the food area. We cleaned it so well inside and out that in the end it looked like new! It’s time to let the old go, to make room for the new. The refrigerator was the ultimate metaphor for this general feeling.

What is certain is that a new beginning is upon us and I am looking forward to this summer and the rest of 2023. So far it has had trials and lessons but it has brought me to where I am today and that is great! I’m ready for whatever life brings! Ready to run in the direction I always set despite the challenges. Full of enthusiasm for nature, mount Mainalo, life and everything that unfolds daily in front of my eyes!

I hope you are too!

Facing death

Last week I went for a walk with Athena and Ilias. It was a wonderful long drive through six villages of Mainalo. Exploration and fun with music and laughter. As daylight was falling, we had passed Dimitsana and were about to enter Stemnitsa. Suddenly we saw two small eyes shining on the road, some animal was crossing the road. “Luckily he was in time” I thought, because right behind him, at the turn, a large jeep car appeared coming at a speed… I smiled. I am very happy when I meet forest animals here on the mountain… As we got closer and closer to the place where I saw the eyes, I saw the animal again in the road. But wait a minute, the jeep is coming!!! Passed!!! What happened;! We stopped short in the middle of the building. All three of us understood. I was boned. We set the alarm, I turned off the music and we jumped out of the car…


That night, in my bed, I was trying to bring to mind what happened, to feel it again. I took two minutes with myself, opened the cell phone and wrote the following text:


“I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. The weasel’s head was pinned down and the rest of its body was thrashing on the asphalt. A pool of blood hot and glowing and that little creature jerking around in the road.


It was the most painful thing I have ever seen. Frozen, I turned away so I wouldn’t see. I don’t know what happened inside me at that moment. I couldn’t take it anymore and let the sobs and tears come to the surface. The crowd was less. For a moment I thought about going to the car. But then I couldn’t let it go. I wanted to be with him as he was leaving, to say goodbye. We moved it to the edge, to the grass.


We stayed there for a while.


Ilias and I stroked his belly and the place where his heart was. For a few seconds I just touched the warm body with the soft fur and meditatively tried to connect with the creature. I imagined my love energy flowing through my hand.


“His heart is beating,” I said.

After a few seconds, a desperate “He beats faster!” I yelled and a sob left my mouth…

“Stop!!!”. Tears rolled down my cheeks again.


The soul had left the body.


I was overcome with shock. I don’t know what words to describe what I felt. I had never seen a living thing die in front of me and especially in this tragic way. I wish he didn’t leave in agony. For him to feel even a little bit of the affection and love I was trying to convey to him with my touch… I’m sure he felt our companionship. I wanted to stay there longer but I can’t at times like this, when there are others I just tune out and the car was in the middle of the road…


Much later when I return home I remembered the teacher’s words… That the moment when someone dies is an excellent opportunity for meditation, for prayer. The feeling in the atmosphere. There is incredible energy spreading around. You feel the presence of the soul, you become part of the mystery.


The energy that was in the space at the time of death… Just a moment ago the soul was there inside the body. Where did he go next??? And when the heart stopped… It was as if the creature entered my heart. I feel that I will carry this soul deep in my own heart now. I know he is fine wherever he went. How the All constantly appears in new forms. Something goes something comes and it’s all a circle. The cycle of life and death.


I feel love. I feel grateful to have had this painful, but great experience. Love! It’s happening now, right now. I will not forget. Love.


Where are we going; Where did we come from?”



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