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~ leaving the city for a life close to nature ~

My name in Angelina Helioti. I was born in Sparta and grew up in a town in Laconia, Vlahcioti. My origin is from Arcadia.


In February 2022 I completed my studies at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens. Since I was a child, Athens fascinated me with its night lights, its historical center and its contrasts. I lived there for the last few years as a student. In the summer of 2021, I realized that a different lifestyle suits me, which the urban environment cannot offer me. The natural landscape, the calm rhythms of lije and the fresh air are things I seek.

So I made the wild decision to leave the city and live in a mountainous village in Arcadia, Stemnitsa. The village is built on Mainalo mountain and at a height of 1080m. The scenery here is magical, between mountains, forests and rivers. Finally, I feel closer to anture than ever and I get closer to myself.

Here I deal with small and big things every day. But the most exciting thing is that through the beauty of this place, I find inspiration for all my artistic pursuits, such as photography, painting, writing and jewelry making. In this blog you will find journal articles and photos of my own creation.

I hope you enjoy descriptions and stories about my life here.


On the blog you will find articles and pictures about jewelry making. This occupation is something I liked from a very young age and now I am given the opportunity to study at the school of silversmithing, located here in Stemnitsa. I am currently accepting small orders and hope to creat my own company with my own desings in the near future. You can find my jewelry on Instagram: @angelinaheliotijewelry.

I have recently entered the field of photography, as I was looking for another artistic means of expressing ideas and feelings. The process of taking photos seems to be a very good friend in the context of mountain life and at the same time I can share the beauty of the place through the blog.


I find inspiration from nature and usually try to capture subjects from interesting angles. This way I can bring out something new from the subject of photography and create emotions through the image. I am currently accepting poster orders for any image uploaded here on the blog or on my Instagram account.



I took painting classes from a very young age and it was once number one on the list of professions I wanted to “do when I grow up”! The smell of the materials, whether oil, acrylic or watercolor, paper or wood, fills me with peace and I immediately feel the desire to create and offer.


Painting for me is a tender, colorful and surprisingly kinetic way of expression. Before painting, during or after, I enter into a process of “ritual” dance, which I allow to happen. In this way it relaxes the body and empties the mind and thus allows the voice of the soul to reach the shoulder and the arm and finally the canvas. It is no coincidence that I mainly deal with abstract painting and most of the time I find inspiration from music!        



I have been dancing since the age of three. I started with classical ballet and took lessons for twelve years. In this context I participated in various events related to dance such as competitions, performances with the school or seminars.


At the age of 22, I returned to the classrooms with a focus on modern dance, which I loved! In fact, I have never stopped dancing, as whenever we are not dancing, I always have a choreography in my head that I want to perform.


Dance and Architecture


Below I am attaching the link of my 9th semester Architecture school research paper. This is a work that attempts to answer the question: ‘Is there a relationship between dance and space?’ A theoretical and general study of the work of great researchers of this question is made. Then a primary research is carried out on three examples of dance performances (site specific dance performance art) in different museums. What is the relationship between the movement in a choreography and the museum space? ‘Does one affect the other and how?’ Conclusions are drawn about the nature of the relationship between movement and architected space.


Dance & Space. Dance Performance Art in Museums:




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