My name is Angelina Helioti and I recently graduated from the architecture school of NTUA.


After months of thinking, I took the risk of leaving life in Athens. The reason, the very quality of life of the metropolis. The fast pace, the pressure to “meet the deadlines”, the crowd of people and the lack of natural environment were things that led me to change.


I moved to a small, mountainous village in Arcadia, Stemnitsa. Although I grew up in Laconia, Arcadia is my place of origin and so in a sense, I feel like I have come home. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here, but whatever it ends up being, I’ll try to enjoy it to the fullest.


Here I am enjoying everything I have been craving! Trees, rivers, lakes, quiet, everyday life at a slow pace.

I have a simple lifestyle, but it gives me inspiration for my artistic pursuits, photography, painting, and video making. At the same time, I am studying the art of silversmithing in a public school located here. In this blog you will find journal articles about my life here.


I hope you enjoy everything I’m about to share with you.


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After the premiere

Good evening my friends.


It’s been a long time since I’ve written here on blog. The truth is that after the premiere of the video on my YouTube channel, a wave of positive reactions from people in the area and the press has started. Everyone who has seen the video has embraced it and raised awareness, which I’m very happy about, as that was the original goal.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows have taken up the issue and hosted Zafeiris and me to talk more about this artistic action and about the topic of wind turbines in Mainalo. I really hope that this initiative contributes substantially to the wider struggle that the residents and agencies of Gortynia are doing. But even if we don’t succeed, I’ll know we tried.

In just five days, the video has exceeded 7 thousand views and has received many positive comments. When I first communicated my idea to friends and fellow students, I didn’ t imagine all that would follow. I want to thank the people who trusted this vision and participated in the video, but also those who, even if they didn’ t participate, morally supported the project. I also want to highlight the contribution of my friend and co-creator Zafeiris Zafeiropoulos, which was decisive for the quality of the video. Thank you for the beautiful comments you send and I hope this creation gives a hope for all the mountains and forests of Greece. After all, it concerns us all.

Yesterday I gave an interview to Tripoli Municipal Radio which you can listen to by clicking here: drt915.


Tonight at 21:00 you can watch the interview that Zafeiris and I gave to Angeliki Spyropoulou on the Ionian Channel, on the show “Entos Arcadias”.


See you soon!

Have a nice Wednesday afternoon.

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