My name is Angelina Helioti and I recently graduated from the architecture school of NTUA.


After months of thinking, I took the risk of leaving life in Athens. The reason, the very quality of life of the metropolis. The fast pace, the pressure to “meet the deadlines”, the crowd of people and the lack of natural environment were things that led me to change.


I moved to a small, mountainous village in Arcadia, Stemnitsa. Although I grew up in Laconia, Arcadia is my place of origin and so in a sense, I feel like I have come home. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay here, but whatever it ends up being, I’ll try to enjoy it to the fullest.


Here I am enjoying everything I have been craving! Trees, rivers, lakes, quiet, everyday life at a slow pace.

I have a simple lifestyle, but it gives me inspiration for my artistic pursuits, photography, painting, and video making. At the same time, I am studying the art of silversmithing in a public school located here. In this blog you will find journal articles about my life here.


I hope you enjoy everything I’m about to share with you.


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In the last few days, my mind has been almost monopolized by the issue of saving Mainalo from the wind turbines. There are moments when you observe life’s problems from a distance and feel that they don’t touch you anymore. As if they don’t belong to you, and indeed they don’t, because we are all passersby from this place.

But for me, if there was anything worth worrying about it would be preserving the natural environment! Because it’s the most beautiful thing that life can give us on this planet. And we humans don’t have to do anything, we find it ready out there. It should be seen by as many people as possible, as many children as possible! Because I know that just looking at it heals you. It’s like someone gives you a diamond as a gift and you throw it away. Only the diamond has some value, while nature is priceless.

When I’m in the woods, I often look up at the sky. I think it’s an interesting move to turn your head completely and look at the view, the tree branches against the sky. A move I don’t often make when I’m in cities because the buildings are close together and direct me to keep moving forward, looking down. I don’t know if I would have a good view, in all probability I would see the underside of some balcony with worn plaster…

The orange-yellow leaves are now down in Kefalovrysi… Sometimes I hesitate to walk on this spot, because I will crush the leaves and I don’t want to. It looks nice with the orange rug in front of the fountain.

Everything is in a decay. The forest is moist, introverted and the cedar scent is not that strong.

Stemnitsa from above when the sun has gone down. Only her lights and the surrounding natural landscape are visible.

Looking up at the asphalt road around the village.

Making a wish that Mainalo remains untouched… “I wish…” And I continue to have faith in life. Even if some things seem absurd, I feel that the right things always come, even if we don’t understand it.

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